Summary of participations


Doréma is an international manufacturing company in the leisure industry. The company is a manufacturer of awnings, canopies and accessories for caravans and campers and is mainly in the quality segment.

Doréma has over 100 employees and has sales offices in Doetinchem (the Netherlands) and Castleford (UK). The company also has two production sites in Slovenia. Doréma supplies her products under the brand names Doréma, Starcamp and Holiday. With over 300 dealers in the Netherlands and more than 200 dealers in the UK, Doréma is a prominent player in the market of awnings for caravans and campers.

The Doréma Group has been added to the participations portfolio of M2 participaties in January 2011.



Emleen Industrial Fibers

At the beginning of 2009 Emleen Industrial Fibers was established by M2 Participations. Emleen produces high quality technical yarns and is focussed on various niche markets. Amongst others, the company produces yarns for tires, seatbelts and (deep sea) mooring ropes. The company is a spin-off of a large spinning-mill. Currently the marketing of the company takes place and the production is in the start-up phase.


Remerij Aandrijftechniek B.V.

Remerij Aandrijftechniek B.V. is a technical trading company with a specialized range of services and products. Based on blueprints, parts are tailor-made and supplied. And apart from that, Remerij offers a range of high quality standard products for drives, sealings and bearings.


API Emmen is a research laboratory for polymers (synthetic fibres). API employs 12 people and the company was added to the participations portfolio of M2 Participations at the end of 2008.