Were do you stand?

You have ambitions. You are a driven entrepreneur. You have or want a successful business. You know how to choose the right path for your products and your company. This path leads you along various phases with ever changing challenges. Each phase contains different but recognizable problems which every company faces. There are moments at which you need support, like a sparring partner for a second opinion, a concrete solution or financing. M2 Participations has the right solution for all of these problems.

In the development of a growing organization various phases can be differentiated. You will immediately recognize this theoretical basis when you find yourself in one of these phases.
And whether you are a starter or a well-established company; each of these phases has its own specific challenges and the matching approach.

Starter phase
You know what you want. You have a good idea and you've decided to market that idea. In order to do so, you have put your mission "this is what I want" in words. Practice often proves that that is it and no more, whereas one step extra is needed to make a good start. It is very important to think about your vision and your strategy. Where do I want to be five years from now? And how am I going to achieve that goal? The M2 Group can assist you in formulating this long term approach. Of course our no cure/no pay approach also applies here.

While focussing on vision and policy, the actual start-up of your company also requires the necessary attention. Thousands of questions need to be answered when writing a business plan. What to do about housing the company? What legal form is most suitable for me? How do I balance my budget? Who wants to finance my great idea? In this maze of information, M2 Participations offers a helping hand to starters in the selection of a bank, an accountant or a lawyer. We can consult you on matters concerning general agreements, contracts, marketing of products and methods of distribution.

Pioneer phase
Your number of clients grows. You hire your first employee. More clients are added. Your employees are very flexible and can and will do anything. But you don't personally know your clients anymore. You start wondering if your employees do what they are asked to do and if they work efficiently or not. Who is responsible for purchase and which signature is legally binding? You have ended up in the phase that requires structural control of the organization and internal agreement. This phase is often the phase of housing expansion and urgent solutions for pre-financing. In this phase M2 Participations can support you with her expertise.
From formulating clear goals to the draft of job profiles and the arrangement of the suitable form of financing.

Differentiation phase
Your company is well-structured. Your company has departments, more employees and even more clients. At the end of this phase friction occurs between the departments and so-called "islands" have emerged. Departments show resistance towards the integral goals. It feels as though your company is ‘stiff' and over-structuralized. The company culture, once so great, doesn't seem to match the growth of your company anymore. You knew every employee by name and knew what their families looked like. Now you don't even know the name of the secretaries anymore. Your personnel used to consist of generalists. Now it's mainly specialists. The generalists have lost their zest, become de-motivated and think of ‘the good old days'. At the end of the differentiation phase you feel the urge to re-structuralize your organization.

Integration phase
You have reached the phase you had envisioned in your long-term plans and which eventually reflect your company. Your company runs according to plan and you have reached the goals you wanted to reach, or perhaps even more. And now new questions arise. Might it be a good plan to take over a company, or to merge with one? How about a joint-venture with a conglomerate? It might be interesting to outsource your purchase department or to privatize your sales department. In such matters M2 Participations can help you with advice and/or with solutions

Business succession
Would you like to stop as managing director and major shareholder? The big question is how you are going to do that. Will the company be ended? Will there be a succession or a take-over? What is the best way to sell your company and through which channels? Who does the best possible valuation? Is there any goodwill? And how about the transaction and transfer of the shares? How should everything be written down in an agreement? M2 Participations has the right network to help you in finding suitable solutions.



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